Website creation, SEO, Google Business page set up, Analytics setup and reports

(Tag manager setup and Google Search Console setup included)

Very often, a webmaster build a site for you but you are left on your own thereafter and the website becomes an empty shell sank in an ocean of other shells. Sometimes, you cannot understand who is looking at your site, how many visitors you have and how many of those visitors become your customers. You need to contract additional services such as SEO to improve your exposure online, but you are struggling to understand how this SEO helps you and what to do next. This is not the case with us. We not only offer you a complete solution of building a new professional website according to the latest online trends but we will also work with you on SEO, Google Business page set up, Google Search Console and Tag manager set up, Analytics set up and reports so that when you launch your new site, it will not only get organic visibility online but you will also be able to understand your statistics and be ready for the next step of promoting your site online.

Landing page and online marketing starter pack

The landing page and online marketing starter pack includes A/B landing page testing, search engine campaign and social media campaign. Selection of the right channel will depend on your needs which we will identify together during your free assessment call. You will be able to test the market first and understand if there is a demand for your product online.

Even after building an effective website you would very likely need to advertise your services. Why? Because when users are searching for information online you may have noticed that the first results they get are results which belong to massive informational sites rather than individual products or services. In order to have a chance to be shown on the first page of results organically you would need to invest a lot of time in writing good quality, useful and unique content for your website.

A simpler and a quicker way to be displayed on the first page of search results is to start advertising online. And online advertising is the most effective way to bring customers to your business because:

a. You can target your audience precisely. There is no wasted budget as with offline or TV ads. Say you are a real estate agency and only want to advertise to those who are looking to buy a house in your town. We will setup your ads to be shown to only those people who are looking to buy a house in your area. And you will be displayed among the first search results online for those queries! Or even a better deal, say you own a restaurant and you would like to advertise to those potential clients who are located 1 mile away from your business between 18:00 and 22:00 and looking for a nice place to eat nearby on his/her mobile device. You can do it and we are here to help!

b. You will control your spending. You can set a limited budget at first to test the market and ads performance, but in the long run, as long as you are making a positive ROI (return on investment) and as long as there is a demand for your service or product, it should not matter too much. What we want to say is as long as your profit is higher than the cost of the ads, there is no reason to limit your budget. And we will help you understand your numbers.

And of course, in order to make sure that your clients will find it easy to understand what your service or product is about and to make a purchase or sign up process easy for them, we will create a set of 2 Landing pages for your website. Your online ads will link to these pages and after a month or two you will be able to choose the one which will perform better and keep it.

Online marketing PRO pack

Once you have reached your first success online, we will help you replicate it on other marketing channels. We will take the learnings gathered from your customers through the primary marketing channel and replicate your success on the other ones. For example, after running your ads on Google AdWords for some time you find out that the majority of your clients is over 50 years of age and based in the US. You will be able to target this user base on Facebook, Linkedin, Bing and Yahoo right away.

And as you will continue your journey towards success we will be by your side to optimize your results and marketing spending, help you to analyse the statistics in order to make the right decisions and of course grow with you. We want to gain your trust and to establish long term relationships with you. We are interested in seeing you succeed as your success will mean our success too! And when you are ready to expand and go ahead with opening other franchise units or offices for your business, we want to be by your side, helping you bring your business to the next level and to truly blossom.